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Welcome to the new adoption@heart website.

adoption@heart will be your new regional adoption agency soon. At the moment we are not ‘recruiting new adopters’, this website is just here to let you know how adoption services will be changing in your area.

We are preparing to launch adoption@heart in mid 2018 as the new local adoption agency in the heart of England. This will see several Local Authorities join together in partnership with voluntary adoption agencies to create one Regional Adoption Agency, a RAA.
Dudley MBC, Sandwell  MBC, Walsall MBC & City of Wolverhampton Council are the Local Authorities developing the RAA, with the support of 3 voluntary adoption agencies – Adoption Focus, Adoption UK and After Adoption.

Our aim is to enable all children with an adoption plan to find a loving, stable home, as quickly as possible.

The design of a brand new service provides us with the opportunity to develop a whole new approach to adoption – building in all the best bits from each partner’s adoption service and building on them to provide even better outcomes for children and adopters from this region.

Our Vision is that the adoption@heart will:

  • find a permanent, stable family as swiftly as possible for all children who need it
  • ensure all adopters are fully prepared and supported
  • support birth parents to understand why adoption is best for their children.

The creation of adoption@heart will benefit adopters and children:

We are led by our vision and commitment both to excellent and innovative practice. adoption@heart will have innovation and best practice built in and is drawing upon the expertise of all its partners. We are benefiting greatly from the existing strong collaborative relationships we have developed between the Local Authorities Voluntary adoption agencies and they are helping in co-designing the new service, and this is driving practice improvement by capitalising on what all the best work that currently takes place. 

We are also working closely with adopters and adopted young people. This is proving enormously constructive, as is working alongside other RAAs from around the country, and the West Midlands Adoption Leadership Board.

Our design includes developing ways to:

  • Support LAs in ensuring timely decision making and early permanence planning for children
  • Promote LAs’ ambition to secure an adoption placement for all children for whom it is suitable, including ‘harder to place’ children.
  • Ensure sufficient adopters for the children requiring adoption – well prepared with good support and communication throughout process.
  • Provide support to sustain a stable family life, with availability of the right high quality adoption support services.

There will be lots of benefits in working across the geographic area of 4 Local Authorities:

  • Recruitment of adopters will be at a more efficient scale and provide a larger pool of approved adopters who are equipped to meet the needs of children waiting
  • As a larger agency, specialist recruitment and training of prospective adopters will be possible, designed to meet the specific additional needs of children waiting for adoption
  • A wider pool of local adopters will enable children to be matched with the most suitable adopters more quickly.
  • Reduction in average waiting times between the granting of placement orders and successful matching and placement with families – reducing fostering placement costs to local authorities
  • More children adopted, particularly those with additional needs.

We are passionate about making a different to children and adopters lives.

We are determined that adoption@heart will result in:

  • More children become adopted, particularly those with ‘harder to place’ characteristics
  • Reduced waiting times for children with a plan for adoption
  • Stable and supported adoptive families
  • Fewer adoption disruptions.
  • The new local adoption agency in the heart of England.